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For a number of years, women have used tampons or sanitary pads to collect the menstrual fluid and protect clothing during periods. A coupe menstruelle provides all the women with an option to the traditional techniques. Some are reusable and long lasting while the others are disposable.

A few basics and benefits of coupe menstruelle You still do not perfectly know what is a cup menstruelle? It is a flexible cup that is designed for use inside vagina during the period in order to collect blood. It collects all the menstrual flow rather than just absorbing it like that of the tampons and sanitary napkins.

All most all the cups are made up of rubber or silicone. It is very important for you to ensure that in case they are latex sensitive, then you should ensure to buy a coupelle menstruelle that made of silicone entirely.

You can make use of the cup throughout the cycle; all you need to do is ensure that you change often during the heavy flow days to guard yourself against leakage. It si suggested that you remove the cup after every 10 hours of use and rinse it well.

Below are the plus points that you can enjoy with using these cups:

They are not expensive as they are designed for long term use and there will also be less water wastage. It can even be used for a few years providing cost savings over pads and tampons. With these you can avoid environmental waste and can also stop the cutting of trees so as to make some paper based options. See to it that the cup is designed in a way that it can be disposed of. Ensure you read the label behind the box before you buy in case you want reusable one.

Less embarrassing odor:

You would not have to worry about the embarrassing menstrual odor coming out at inappropriate times. This is because the menstrual fluid is not exposed to air like in that of pads and tampons.


Tampons and pads are known to absorb the pH levels and vagina bacteria and thus disturb the bacterial balance of the vagina.

When you prefer the coupe menstruelle pas cher you will just have to visit the medical store once in year and thus will make your trips to the pharmacy very limited as compared to that of pads and tampons.

Seldom changes:

You can change the tampons every six to eight hours, mainly depending on the flow. You can even change after 12 hours during less flow times.

Intercourse possible with coupe menstruelle inside:

It is possible for you to have intercourse when the cup is inside your vagina. It is a personal choice whether you wish to remove it or not.

Simple to use:

Anyone who has used pads and tampons before particularly the type without applicators should have less trouble learning how to insert the cup menstruelle. In case you have used a diaphragm for controlling birth, you will have lesser trouble using the cup. What you need to do is fold it and aim it towards the back of vagina and give some push. Once inserted you will not feel its presence anyways.

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