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How to cure fallopian tube blockage? Many female don't know how to choose the therapy towards this disease, is Chinese medicine or western medicine better? So, we invite the experts in Li Xiaoping Traditional Chinese medicine clinic to introduce the treatment towards the fallopian tube blockage.

Li Xiaoping recommends that the fallopian tube blockage is stimulated by long-term incentives. For this reason, the optimum treatment towards chronic fallopian tube blockage is Chinese medicine, so how does Chinese medicine treat chronic tubal blockage? Let us listen to the explanations provided by the experts.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been immersed in the cultural heritage for thousands of years, and still plays an important role in cuing some diseases, which attracts more and more people to believe in this therapy. So, how do we treat fallopian tube obstruction? How to use traditional Chinese medicine to solve fallopian tube disease?


The experts, from Wuhan Li Xiaoping TCM clinic, have a detailed introduction about the treatment of fallopian tube disease. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, tubal obstruction is caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, which can be described as the obstruction that blocks the fertilization between sperm and egg. Thus, if you want to cure your tubal obstruction, you need to regulate your vital energy, remove your blood stasis and siphunculus. So, how does Chinese medicine cure chronic tubal obstruction?

There are some main methods:

  1. The function of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis: Due to this function, traditional Chinese therapy could improve the microcirculation and hemorheology properties, speed the absorption, regression of the inflammation and accelerate the amelioration of fibrosis in fallopian tube lumen, which benefits the oviduct recovery in circulation and function, among which, the Chinese medicine Fuyan pillFuyan pill is the optimum choice.
  2. The function of removing dampness and expelling of toxin: For the treatment of tubal obstruction, Chinese medicine, depending on its function of clearing heat and removing toxicity, could achieve a desired effect of rapid sterilization. It takes only 2 to 3 months that the viruses and bacteria will be killed in the fallopian tube. This radical therapy will produce a good effect.

At last, doctor Li reminds the tubal obstruction patients that, as for the treatment towards fallopian tube obstruction, the Chinese medicine, as the safe and reliable therapy, enjoys little side effect. The treatment, especially the exertion of Fuyan pillFuyan pill, has cured the thousands of chronic tubal blockage patients. Thus, we hope all the patients strengthen their confidence and receive the treatment in time.

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