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Coupe Menstruelle can be worn for up to 10 hours and you will not even feel damp. There are some advantages that you can experience after using this product.

Below are the plus points that will be offered at the time you choose the cup menstruelle.

These cups have larger capacity when compared to pads and tampons. They are available in small sizes and also large and extra large ones that can hold blood. The normal coupe menstruelle which you pick on may contain up to or more than 9 ml similar to tampons. But then in case you have a heavy flow then you can also use the ones which can contain 18 ml or more.

They are reusable. After you use them once you need not throw that away. You can easily sterilize it at home using the sterilizing tablets and reuse it for your next period. These can be sued for about 10 years.


You might certainly need a larger space to store tour tampons and packets of sanitary napkins. When you are running out of place in your wardrobe and do not want to pile up things then this coupe menstruelle will be a perfect help as they acquire less space. You can keep in a corner and would not even occupy space. If you want you can have one additional as a backup. But that would not occupy much space.

Convenience is also one added benefit that you can get when you pick on the coupelle menstruelle. You will no longer have to dig into your purse or then your wardrobe at the time of an emergency. Without opening any wrapper and forgetting to carry extra pads you can offer utmost convenience.

The coupelle menstruelle is highly liberating and as it also offers convenience you can be assured that you will never have to be embarrassed in public. There is no need to worry about the embarrassing moments at the time people can see stains on bed and dress. You only have to insert it and be free from the disasters that can happen otherwise and embarrass you.

Lastly, you can be sure of less or even some times no odour at all. You may know the fact that menstrual flow at the time exposed to sir begins to build up bad odor. But this situation is eliminated when you make use of cups. This is as cup menstruelle is worn internally and hence there is no odor at all.

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