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Gynecological diseases like evil ghosts always around female friends. Hydrosalpinx, is one of the gynecological diseases in women which is caused by induced abortion, spontaneous abortion, drug abortion, feculent sexual intercourse and so on. However, do you know the symptoms of hydrosalpinx and how to choose the best treatment for hydrosalpinx if you have got it? Next, I will tell you how to diagnose it and chose the best way to cure it.

Symptoms of hydrosalpinx :

When hydrosalpinx is happened, the patients usually have intermittent vaginal discharge because the expansive part and normal part of the fallopian tube can still communicate with each other. Infertility is also the only manifestation by hydrosalpinx. Most women will feel pain in the lumbosacral region and some patients' pain on one side or both sides of the lower abdomen. Once the situation of hydrosalpinx becomes serious, patients will have slight fever which needs to be attached attention or it will make a great influence on your body.

Treatments for hydrosalpinx


1. Operative treatment:

If the fimbria tube have big possible to recover, the patient can make aparotomy operation and laparoscopic operetion. But after these two surgeries, the rate of pregnancy is also limited, around 20%. If fimbria tube has been damaged inevitably, patients need to make use of test-tube baby. However, the blockage of fimbria tube is always companied by hydrosalpinx which will flow back to uterine cavity and make great influence on embryo. The rate of abortion will be increased. Therefore, patients have to take advantage of injection occlusion of fimbria tube with memory alloy. The second method is a new way to treat hydrosalpinx and it is more effective than the first two surgeries. Although operative treatment I have related before can treat the disease, some case cannot be cured successfully and it is possible to have side effect on women's body.

2. Treatment by traditional Chinese medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicines are natural herbs which have little side effect on human's body and Chinese medicine becomes more and more popular around the world. As to hydrosalpinx, traditional Chinese medicine—-Funyan pill is the best choices for women. Funyan pill has the function of eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation. So, Fuyan pill is the best treatment for hydrosalpinx in women.

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