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Cosmetic surgery has gone through so many improvements that nonsurgical procedures have now become the rage. These so-called lunchtime procedures have steadily been gaining popularity for being the low-cost plastic surgery alternative with little down time.

While nonsurgical breast enlargement has yet to enjoy the same kind of popularity as other nonsurgical procedures, there has been a significant shift towards more natural forms of breast augmentation. Given that surgical breast implants are costly and difficult to reverse, the clamor for less intrusive methods has led to the development of the following nonsurgical breast enlargement methods:

Method 1 – Wear The Right Size Padded Bra

Wearing a padded bra in the right size. This is perhaps the easiest way to give your breasts a perkier appearance. Wearing a bra in the right size will give your breasts the right amount of support and will keep them in place better, while the strategically-placed pads can make your breasts look a cup size larger.

Method 2 – Applying Make Up


Applying make-up to your cleavage. So this might seem to be more like a visual illusion trick rather an actual nonsurgical breast enlargement, but it does enhance the appearance of your breasts (with the illusion of a cleavage making your pair look a lot fuller than they actually are). Simply pat your chest area dry and clean, and then swipe a shimmery stick of bronzer down the valley of your breasts to make a “v” shape. The darkest spot of your bronzer should be at the lower point of the “v.” Blend with a brush or with your fingers for a more natural look.

Method 3 – Use Breast Enhancement Creams

Using breast enhancement creams. This form of nonsurgical breast enlargement works best when accompanied by the intake of breast enhancement supplements. Applying the cream directly onto the skin of your breasts leads to it being absorbed by your bloodstream. The naturally enhancing ingredients in the cream can thus bypass the kidney and the liver, so that they can go directly to the receptors in the breast tissue.

Method 4 – Eating The Right Food

Eating food that promotes the growth and development of breast tissue. While this method is best suited for adolescent girls who are still in the developing stage, changing your diet can still give your breasts a significant increase in size. Some of the best breast-enhancing edibles out there include vegetables like potatoes, alfalfa sprouts, and soybeans. Herbs and seeds like parsley and sunflower seeds are also ideal, as are estrogen-boosting ingredients like tofu and flax seeds.

Above are the 4 simple nonsurgical breast enlargement methods that you can use to get the desired results.

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