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Hydrosalpinx is caused by acute or chronic inflammation of tubal. Hydrosalpinx will destroy the women's fallopian tube mucosa, in severe condition; it can damage the normal function of fallopian tube, which is an important factor to lead women's infertility. What's the treatment of hydrosalpinx?

Salpingostomy: Laparoscopic surgery has the function of small wound, small injury; recover quickly, shorter hospitalization period, light postoperative pain and bloating, quicker recovery of gastrointestinal function and etc. Salpingostomy applies to patients whose proximal tubal patency and the mucosa has no significant changes. Surgical treatment can be divided into open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Tubal dredge postoperative if there is Inflammation of department of gynaecology such as pelvic inflammation after the surgery can also cause fallopian tube blockage. Repregnancy rate is about 20%.

Laparoscopy: Laparoscopy has the function of small trauma, rapid recovery, high precision, with no other organ damage and etc. Get Micro medical catheter into the fallopian tube under the laparoscopy surgery. The minimally invasive surgery can clear tubal obstruction and determine tubal patency. Although the wound of minimally invasive surgery is small, the equipment is easy to trauma adjacent organs, causing unnecessary damage to the human body. Repregnancy rate is above 30%.

Herbal Treatment: Hydrosalpinx is caused by inflammation; it can use Chinese medicine conservative treatment. Chinese traditional treatment with overall consideration has no side effects. According to regulate the body balance, strengthen immunity, anti-inflammatory, promote blood circulation to treat disease, improve local microcirculation and tissue nutrition of pelvic. Use Fuyan Pill can achieve the effect of sterilization and detoxification, activating blood stasis, treating the inflammation of fallopian tube ,so that get the purposes of hydrosalpinx treatment.


Do not eat spicy food on the diet. Patients need to eat foods which are provided with rich proteins like meat and fish, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure vitamins and minerals that body needs. To increase the exercise at ordinary times, especially after dinner, walking is good for health. And Pay attention to personal hygiene, keep a good mood. Above details is contributive to the treatment of diseases.

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