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Many IVF patients face the hapless situation where doctors tell them that their embryos did not fertilize. Worse is when they are told that their eggs and sperms were starkly healthy and they had fertilized well to form healthy and perfect embryos. But unfortunately, these embryos got terminated or arrested.


As per IVF specialists from Delhi, there can be a plethora of reasons and factors behind the arresting of an embryo:

  • Lab conditions in which an embryo is developed or Sub-optimal culture conditions – Often, the conditions of the culture in which a female's egg or oocyte and a male's sperm are fertilized are not favorable for the embryo or the cells too, assert admired doctors from top surrogacy centers in Pune. There can be an infection present in the culture or it could be unhygienic. The slight occurrence of anything unfavorable for the embryo ceases its growth and development. This is natural to the growth process of the embryo in order to prevent the formation of any abnormalities in it as it grows further.
  • Irregularities or Abnormalities in chromosomes – mostly experienced in embryos created using eggs and sperms by older couples. An egg consists of the main information that helps in the development of the embryo via the chromosomes. If there is any form of abnormality in these chromosomes that may give rise to complications in the development of the embryo, it results in the termination of the embryo.
  • Embryonic genome failure – as was explained above, the chromosomes in an egg consist the vital information for the development of the embryo. This information activates the genome of the embryo produced. This genome consists of information for further growth and development of the embryo. Many times, this genome is not activated adequately or there is failure in the activation of the genome. This leads to the arrest of the embryos.
  • Mitochondrial defects – several substantial functions are conducted by the oocyte and thereafter by the genome of the embryo. Where do these tiny cells get the energy to do such great actions? The answer to this question is mitochondria. Doctors from the best IVF centers in Delhi assert that mitochondria are also addressed as the “power plants” of cells. They are responsible for providing the required and necessary energy to the cells to conduct the various central activities it requires to perform. Several times, there may be present some irregularity in the mitochondria which may hamper the energy flow to the cells thereby hindering the growth of the embryo.

Thus, the reason behind the arrest of an infertile couple's embryo can be any one of the above. This is the reason why patients need to expand their mind by accumulating great amounts of knowledge regarding IVF and what all happens under it, affirm experts from top IVF hospitals in Pune. Furthermore, instead of depending just on IVF, they must have an open mind and not hesitate from adoption.

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