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Say no to hassles associated with tampons and pads now! Make use of coupe menstruelle and experience maximum convenience during your menstrual cycle. Such cups do not have absorbing quality but it collects menstrual fluid. This quality makes it reliable and different from tampons and pads that absorb fluid.

Cup menstruelle are found in various types of materials such as TPE, Latex, silicone and more. Today in the market, you can get the cups made by many brands. There are several things you need to consider while selecting such menstrual cups of particular brand like material of cup, quality of cup, size of cup etc.

Menstrual cups are convenient, economical as well as healthier choice to make when compared to traditional pads and tampons. Initially you may not find it comfortable to use but slowly you will get used to it. How can you use the cups? How to insert it? Get details about all such things if you want to find permanent solution to tampons and pads.

What is cervix? It is part of vagina from where menstrual fluid comes out. It is important to measure cervix before buying such coupe menstruelle. Cups in market are available in different lengths. A few are short while others are long and you can purchase the ones based on the cervix. Picking the wrong size can make things bad during the period cycle. Search for short cups in case of lower cervix and vice a versa.


Cervix is not always in same position. This is the fact. Right measurements can be gained only during your menstrual cycle because at this point of time your cervix will be in different position. If you take measurements before or after menstrual cycle then you may end up buying wrong size of coupelle menstruelle.

How can you decide whether coupe menstruelle is a good idea to switch to? First carry out complete research work about such product. Is it worth spending money over it? Get the answers to these questions and then take the decision. The cups are costly and thus be careful at the time of taking the decision.

Cup menstruelle do not have harsh chemicals. It is clean and safe to use. Medical grade material is made use of to make the cup that prevents bacterial growth. Vaginal environment can remain the same because such cups do not soak fluid and extra moisture. Consecutively you can make use of such cup for 10 to 12 hours. So it can allow you to stay away from hassle of changing tampons or pads again and again.

Not all cups can hold same ml of liquid. So it is advisable to buy menstrual cup depending on your flow order. Check out the capacity of the coupelle menstruelle before you buy it. Initially when you take decision to use such cups, you may experience little discomfort. But slowly you will get used to it without facing any kind of inconvenience.

Take advice from women who are using such cups so that you can find it easy to take buying decision.

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