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Leucorrhea and irregular periods both are uncomfortable situations. Numbers of women are suffering from these health issues around the globe and are seeking ways to get rid of these awful situations. Natural supplements for leucorrhea problem and irregular menstruation problem have very much advanced now. Gynecure capsules are the best example of it. In addition, women can use natural remedies for getting relief from leucorrhea problem as well as the irregular periods problem.

Natural remedies to cure irregular menstruation and leucorrhea problem: Natural remedies are completely secure methods for treating and curing the problems of irregular menstruation and leucorrhea. These treatment methods are very much easy and free from negative side effects.

Ladyfinger: Ladyfinger helps to remove mucus from the system and it is considered as one of the best natural supplements for leucorrhea problem. Take five lady's fingers and slice them into small pieces. Boil them for twenty minutes in two cups of water. Strain the mixture and add a few drops of honey to it. Take it every day and continue it until this problem cures completely.

Bananas: Bananas are a good natural supplement to treat the problem of menstrual irregularities and leucorrhea. In addition, it provides essential nutrients in the body. Besides, women can consume Gynecure capsules to prevent leucorrhea problems.

Parsley: It is very much efficient for treating different types of menstrual problems. It also alleviates the problem of menstrual irregularities and menstrual cramps. Take equal amount of carrot juice, cucumber juice, beet juice and parsley juice. Mix them well and drink the mixture to cure irregular periods.

Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds are best natural supplement to cure menstrual problems. Take half of a teaspoon of sesame powder and mix it well with a cup of water. Consume this mixture once per day for the best result. Use this extraction regularly to get complete relief from this problem.


Aziote: Seeds of Aziote are found in the Amazon rainforest. Especially, it is used for treating infections and urinary problems. It is also frequently used in treating leucorrhea. In addition, women can consume Gynecure capsules for satisfying results.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek seeds are very much efficient in treating the problems of white discharge in women. Add two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds to four cups of water. Boil it for thirty minutes and strain the water. Let it be cool and use the liquid for washing the genital passage.

Papaya: Papaya is an excellent remedy to cure irregular periods in women. Eating raw papaya is very much beneficial to maintain the proper menstrual cycle. Unripe papaya is known to cure the premenstrual tensions, menstrual cramps of the teenagers. Gynecure capsules can be taken along with papaya for optimum results.

Each and every natural method mentioned above are very much helpful for curing the problems of irregular menstrual cycle and leucorrhea. They are easily attainable also. So, take help of them to solve the health issues.

Overview the product:

Gynecure capsules: This herbal supplement is too much effective to cure the gynaecological problems completely. Gynecure capsules are prepared with pure and potent natural herbs found in nature. So, it is free from arising harmful side effects. Take 1 or 2 of this capsule once every day for 4 months to overcome the problems.

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