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The uterus is a vital organ for women. Menstruation, leucorrhea secretion, breeding of life and so on, all need to rely on the uterus. But if it's suffering from inflammation, how are the consequences will be? How terrible it is?

In general, the endometrial periodically flake form menstruation, so it is not easy to infection with inflammation. But if there is a source of infection in the womb or acute bacterial contamination may cause endometritis.

What are the causes of endometritis?

1. Abortion is not clean

Postpartum or after miscarriage, if there are residual placental membranes in intrauterine , is likely to lead to bacterial infection and causes endometritis.

2. Infections caused by intrauterine surgery.

Informal to abortion or surgical infections, bacteria will go into the uterine cavity from little wound, it may cause endometritis.

3. Intrauterine device.

In order to contraceptive birth control, many women place the intrauterine device in the womb. Moreover, impurity or improper operation can also cause endometritis.

4. Sex is not clean.


Menstrual period having sex or the other organ in sex is extremely easy to bring the bacteria into the uterus, cause bacterial infection and endometritis.

5. Inflammation of department of gynaecology.

Women who suffer from vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or cervicitis may cause infection. In addition, if patients with endometrial polyps may also guide endometritis.

The uterus is the place that breeds new life, suffering from endometritis can cause great harm to the body.

Firstly, seriously affect the secretion of menstruation and leucorrhea, cause menstruation to be not moved.

Suffering from endometritis usually occurs dysmenorrhea, menstrual quantity increase, the symptoms of leucorrhea increase. With further infection, may appear hemorrhagic leucorrhea.

Secondly, miscarriage or infertility.

Suffering from endometritis affect the implantation of a fertilized egg, the fertilized egg implantation is not solid that will result in miscarriage or infertility.

Thirdly, other gynecological inflammation. If Endometritis don't treat timely, may be further developed into salpingitis, ovarian inflammation and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Using Fuyan Pill can achieve the effect of detoxification, eliminate inflammation, is good for treating endometritis.

Therefore, the most important thing to prevent endometritis is to pay attention to health, avoid infection caused by the above reasons. On the other hand, due to endometrial inflammation can cause great harm to the body, Aggressive treatment should be taken.

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