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Yes! You read it right. And you have heard it very right. Frigidity is a thing of a past now. Oh! For someone, who might not immediately what I mean by frigidity then let me take a moment to explain this medical illness. And don't you panic… It's completely curable. There's nothing to worry about or be frustrated about regarding this.

We know that we are living in a historic era, a redefining era – where possibility is everything. We are literally living the sci-fi dream, aren't we? Now, with all the fun, frolic, advancement and opportunities that we see with this new age, there are issues also that most of the women around the world are facing. And yes, the problem of frigidity which I am talking about is being faced with women from all strata of society, from all walks of life and from all sorts of countries i.e. be it a developed nation or a developing one. It doesn't matter. So, going back to the first point which I was talking about… We live in a moment where there's constant bombardment of data and information at us. Also, we are constantly pushed and forced to be razor sharp focused all the time so that we don't miss out on anything. Sure enough, less and less women are doing more and more, isn't it! Be it managing the home, kids, husband, family, work or business – you all are doing it pretty neatly. But in the process, mind and body are getting extremely tired which you might not realise straightaway. And hence, slowly and silently, you tend to start feeling aloof. You tend to stop enjoying things and start getting a little irritated. Also, the sexual arousal goes down because this is very much linked with the mental, physical and spiritual harmony, right!



There are extensive research carried out in high caliber scientific laboratories from 2007 till 2013 and it found out that more and more women are suffering from sexual arousal disorder or frigidity which is wrecking them from inside and also wrecking the family, peace of mind and infact the whole environment to be honest. This created a quite a lot of stir in the women community globally.

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