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Painful periods or what can I call is menstrual periods are the main issues for women to miss work. This pain that regularly comes after every month have forced women to look for menstrual disorder treatment specially the dependency over the anti-inflammatory drugs have got a new increase. If you are the one form the million having painful menstruation then it would be better idea that you should take some steps to make a deal with the issue. There is huge number of reasons for the issue but the idea is to make find the one which is affecting you and then work over that.

What are the causes?– Studies have started years before to get what is the link between the extremely painful menstruation with other factors of the life and as the result of that it is been discovered that high levels of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2). It is prepared by uterus, for stopping progesterone production at the time of no implantation especially at the end of the menstrual cycle. Women who are dealing with dysmennorhea (a menstrual disorder) have discovered with 7 times more production of PGF2 alpha than woman who are not having this issue. When it release into the blood stream in huge amount then gives way the uterus to spasm. Here inflammation takes place which is known as inflammatory chemical in the body. Inflammation along with uterine cramping is the result of that condition.

Combat the Issue natural way– Using some simple tricks one can manage to get menstrual disorder treatment even at home.


Pick only nutritional foods– Nutrition is not only for the healthy skin and body it is also helpful to support the menstrual health as well. Consuming adequate amount of nutrition is the priority of everyone. So, you should not consume the foods that would leave you with inflammation state in the body. High glycemic foods are helpful to increase the levels of the PGF2 chemical increase in body. So, be sure you are having anti-inflammatory diet.

Avoid refined carbohydrates– You should consume whole grains like millet, oats, quinoa, brown rice because taking 3 servings of whole grains is helpful for you.

Eliminate dairy items– Dairy products gives way to congestion in body and also it have a link with the menstrual cramping Like, ladies who limit down the dairy intake gets less painful menstrual periods. When making dairy choice then pick organic raw dairy so would avoid adding hormones.

Sugary and processed foods– You should not get huge amount of sugary foods as can aggravate your condition of painful; periods. So, cut the sugary foods and the special consideration here is processed sugary items which are a strict no for you.

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