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Do you wonder why your friends have starter using coupelle menstruelle? If yes is that you answered, then there are a number of reasons to shift to using these cups during your menstrual cycle. Many times you may think that using tampons and pads is better option as you are used to it rather than trying new thing. But the fact is that it is actually very good for you and also your health to start using the menstruation cups during your periods. People who have selected to use coupelle menstruelle are happy after taking this decision. Following are the few reasons for which you need to select menstrual cup:

Reason 1

Main first reason is that now you don't have to worry about carrying extra If you would be using the sanitary pads or tampons you would have to carry it extra in case need arises. You don't have to keep many such things in mind by using coupe menstruelle france. Liquid holding capacity of such cup is great and so you do not have to change it regularly and this does not demand carrying extra cup. You only need to purchase the cups once in year and it will be in use for many more years. Isn't this just great?

Reason 2

Changing cup becomes easy and you just need to change it in 10 hours or so. This often depends on your menstrual flow but often there is no need for you to change the cup as frequently as you do for sanitary pads or tampons. Such cups need to be changes almost after 10 hours and so now there is no need for you to carry extra pads or tampons.


Reason 3

Another reason to using the coupelle menstruelle during your periods is that it would not dry out your vagina. This is known to be one of the most important benefits of using it as well. Using the cups would not cause any health hazard to you like the sanitary pads and tampons. Thus it is very important for you to use these cups as it is not a matter of a few months that you can let go but the cycle would stay for too many years. Thus, it is better late than never to stop using the traditional things and shift to cup menstruelle. Save yourself from irritation of taking tampons in and out again and again from vagina by using such cups.

Reason 4

The best part about such cup is that it does not create any kind of leakage problem even in your sleep. This is known to be one of the most common things that women worry about.Such tension diversely affects your sleep. With using the coupe menstruelle france there is no need for you to worry about any leakage during your sleep.

The above mentioned are known to be the important reasons why many women in the world have dumped the sanitary pads or tampons stock forever and started using the coupelle menstruelle.

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