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Yesterday, at 1pm, a 20 years old girl felt very pain in her belly and was very angry in a hospital, she said she would be alright after taking some medicines, it was just belly pain, she didn't need an operation. She refused to have an operation even after sent to the hospital by her parents since she was extreme painful in her belly about half an hour ago. The doctor said her left ovarian cyst was broken.

She felt pain in her belly when she came home at 12pm after doing aerobics at 10am that day, her mother said. When she came home, her face was sallow. There was a lot of sweat on her body, first she just went back to her room and lied down, but when the pain is unbearable later, finally she agreed to go to a hospital. Her parents thought it was typhitis or appendicitis, neither of them thought of ovarian cyst until the result of B ultrasound.



The doctor told the girl she need an operation immediately. But she thought it was a shameful disease, so she didn't want to cooperate. But in the end, she agreed to have the operation for not able to suffer the pain any more, but she had a request, that was the operation must be done in the women and children's hospital.

The doctor agreed her requirement since the situation was serious and couldn't be delayed. In order to transfer the girl to the other hospital, the doctor called 120. The result showed the girl may lost her life without a operation since ovarian cyst turned around and already bleeding and broken. The doctor tried best to sent the girl to the hospital as soon as possible and kept observing her blood pressure on the way.

Caused by not enough attention, many young women can get the disease too even traditional thought is only married women can get the disease. Its broken will not be caused by exercise which is common for the size of ovary just like a litchi usually. The broken is also possible to happen for being touched, pressure on belly, heavy things lifting, activity which is intense when the outer wall tissue is thin and weak if cyst which is abnormal in ovary. It can threat women's life or lead to HS by spearding the pain to the whole abdomen, if the bleeding is serious for women who in their lower abdomen feel pain. TCM, a type which is called Fuyan Pill can be tried by patients when it is not serious situation or occurs is not accidently for ovarian cyst. It like food we eat, green and safe, has no drug resistance or side effect as an assistant medicine.

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