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In or around vulva and vagina, if you find itchiness intense or discharge, or irritation, these are caused by infection which is fungal, and usually that is a yeast infection in vagina. You can call it vagina inflammation or a type of vaginitis. In the lifetimes, three women in every four of them will be affected sooner or later. More than two episodes can be expertised by many women. Even symptoms occur, don't be afraid of it since when a treatment which is right been chosen, it is not a terrible disease.


In or around the vagina, you feel itchiness which is extremely

The vulva and the vagina, you feel swelling, redness or burning

Urinate and feel not comfortable

When in your intercourse, you feel not comfortable


You do not possess cottage cheese like discharge which is white in your vagina, and it is thick

Smell which is not good


When work fished, you feel very tired usually

No rest which is enough

Ability of immune system which is decreased


Physical or mental pressure

Antibiotics taken by yourself

Changes of diets


Condition of weather


It is easy to diagnose yeast infection. Having history of your health-related, physicians can begin often. Had or hadn't it may be involved. For patients who had a STI, physicians will ask them usually.

Exam of pelvic is usually the second step. In order to know if infection's signs which are inside actually exist, region surrounded and your vagina can be examined by medical doctor. Your cervix and vaginal walls can be examined by them too. A vaginal culture will be sent to the lab to confirm the disease depends on discovery of your physician. When women have permanent or regular yeast infection, it is often needs to order test.

By yourself, a yeast infection which can happen in the future can be known by yourself after a diagnosis which is intitial.


Suppositories, vaginal tablets, ointments and creams are used when treating vaginal yeast infection.

Get a treatment at home is OK if:

No fever or discomfort in pelvic you feel and mild symptoms you have.

You didn't have several yeast infections before and this one is not the first one you get.

You are not a pregnant woman

By sex you had lately, you think there is no possibility for other STI get transmitted






No reoccur will happen since all vaginal yeast infection symptoms are eliminated by a herb medicine which is natural, it is called Fuyan Pill and it is a herbal therapy.

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