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Currently, trillions of female suffer from endometriosis in the world. More and more cases attack young women during their child-bearing years. As we all know, endometriosi is related to dysmenorrheal, hypermenorrhea, infertility, dyspareunia and irritation symptom of bladder. Obviously, endometriosis negatively affects women's health and the quality of life.

Unfortunately other consequence link to endometriosis is at play. According to recent research by Jones and Naples, miscarriage is one of the endometriosis-related issues. By report, the rate of abortion among pregnant women with endometriosi increases to 44%-47%. Nevertheless, it reduces to 8% after a series of treatment for endometriosis. It's not saying that endometriosis causes miscarriage directly, but there is important relationship between endometriosis and miscarriage.

How come miscarriage happens to those women with endometriosi? First of all, endometriosis is an autoimmune disease in fact. The immunity of most endometriosis patients is different from ordinary people, which will disturb the implantation of a fertilized ovum. Secondly, endometriosise alters the function of ovary. Since ovary can't work normally, it won't go smoothly during combination of corpus luteum that is a necessary factor to continue pregnancy. Lastly, people with endometriosi excrete a variety of prostaglandin which may lead to atrophy or hypofunction of corpus luteum.


Study of this link between endometriosi and miscarriage further tells us that they can be the high risk of each other. In turn, miscarriage may cause endometriosis in part. Due to surgery curettage, many women easily get pelvic tissue adhesion, infection and intrauterine negative pressure, that all can result in endometriosis.

Base on these above symptoms brought by endometriosi, patients complain a lot and hurry to find better treatment. Some of them turn to laparoscopic surgery and get a quick problem-solved chance. However they always have to face readmission. Some of them take western medicine in general to relieve miserable symptoms. Once you get used to western medicine, there are many horrible side effects on your liver and kidney. At present, avoiding side effects of surgery and western medicine, many people see traditional Chinese medicine as the comfortable way to get rid of endometriosis. For example, “Fuyan Pill” invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee who has about 30 years experience on Chinese medicine treatment, is a good herbal choice. Traditional Chinese medicine offers hope for a new type of treatment for endometriosise.

Since we are hard to cure endometriosise thoroughly, it is worth to spend time on prevention. Firstly, remember the relationship between endometriosis and miscarriage, and then pay attention on contraception. The second suggestion is that say no to sex during menstrual period confirmedly. In addition, keep a positive mind and keep a warm abdomen.

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