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Herbal medicine can be the distinctive therapy among various treatments, especially traditional Chinese medicine sharing its natural features, with no chemical composition, are widely favored by different people. So as to the fallopian tube blockage treatment, since many people may ask why herbal medicine providing such significant effect on fallopian tube blockage.

Which kind of herbal medicine is provided with the best effect of tubal blockage treatment? Its effects are related to the functions, use condition. The good herbal medicine with significant effect should direct at the cause and penetrate into focus. In a similar way, to answer the question what medicine can effectively cure fallopian tube blockage, it's essential to make out what's the root cause of fallopian tube blockage.

Generally speaking, fallopian tube blockage is commonly caused by inflammation. Under the influence of inflammatory materials, lesion will occur in fallopian tube, and then lead to painful menstruation, disorder menstruation, infertility and other conditions, which cause direct influence for female physical and psychological health. So, in order to cast off the disturbance of fallopian tube blockage, the crux is to eliminate inflammation on the basis of the symptoms, and recuperate the fallopian tubes back to normal. Some Chinse medicine like Fuyan Pill does well in this point.


Fuyan Pill has integrated dozens of herbs such as Thorowax Root, poria cocos, jasmine, atractylodes macrocephala koidz, angelica, peach seed, flos carthami, radix glycyrrhizae, costusroot, corydalis yanhusuo, honeysuckle etc., which make Fuyan Pill could not only kill bacterial and eliminate inflammation, but also promote blood and remove stasis and invigorate spleen to remove dampness, in the same time, help to nurse body. Since, Fuyan Pill can be described as a pill combining both treatment and nourishment.

As for the effect on Fuyan Pill, the patients could rest assured that Fuyan Pill has achieved authorization of state patent. Generally speaking, the treatment effect is visible with around 1 course. So, patients could have a try.

Except for patent medicine Fuyan Pill, other Chinse medicine could also provide some effect on fallopian tube blockage treatment, they are listed as follows:

  1. Tong Ren Seed Soup. Cyperus 9 g, 30 g of Salvia, red and white peony 9 g, peach kernel 9 g, forsythia 12 g, 6 g of cumin, angelica 12 g, Chuanxiong 9 g, Yan Hu Su 15 g, Curcuma 9 g, saponins thorn 9 g, pangolin 3 g, licorice 6 g.
  2. Coronary Circulation Promotion Soup. Millettia 20 g, 10 g walnuts, safflower 6 g, red peony 10 g, angelica 10 g, Chuanxiong 6 g, 15 g of Salvia, herb 10 g, Passepartout 10 g, 6 g Cyperus wear broken stone 20 g, 6 g of licorice.
  3. Tubal Conduction Soup. 9 g of Angelica, Rehmannia 9 g, 9 g of Radix, white peony root 9 g, Chuanxiong 9 g, 12 g walnuts, safflower 9 g, raw madder 9 g cuttlebone 12 g, Cyperus rotundus 12 g, road lead to 9 g, 9 g Shichangpu, raw Coix 12 g, herb 9 g, Patrina 15 g, brown sugar 15 g.

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